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Volunteer of the Year

The Alumni President’s Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a volunteer who has rendered outstanding service to the Alumni Association and University during the year. One award is given annually at the Volunteer Appreciation Social each summer. The Board of Directors is excluded and the Association President makes the selection.

2022 Volunteer of the Year Mary Galyean

2022 Volunteer of the Year, Mary Galyean

Past Recipients

2022 Mary Galyean

2021 Task Force Members

2020 Bridgit Chaisson

2019 Kathleen Guedry

2018 Summer Hvasta

2017 Beverly Black

2016 Sally Ware

2015 Joelle Boudreaux

2014 Stella Theriot

2013 Erin Bolfer

2012 Larry Moore

2011 Donna Mellington

2010 Kathy Comeaux

2009 Gay Hopkins

2008 Donald Landry

2007 Melanie Martin

2006 Celeste Rushing

2004 Karren Hays

2003 Dr. Ed Dugas & John Dugas

2002 Dona Renegar

2001 Martin Audiffred

1998 Robert E. Trahan

1997 Kay Karre’ Gautreaux

1996 Ginger Laurent