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Alumni Service

The Alumni Service Award recognizes several people at one time (alumni or non-alumni) who have rendered continuing and outstanding service in support of Alumni Association programs. This award is designed to publicly thank and acknowledge those who volunteered significant amounts of their time, talents, and resources during a given year.

Tony LeBlanc and William Pool have served as the cooks for the Alumni Tailgating Hospitality Tent for the past seven years. They volunteer their time for each home football game to make sure our jambalaya is ready to serve on time to up to 600 Ragin’ Cajun fans.

Past Recipients

2017 Tony LeBlanc

2017 William Pool

2006 Melvin Clause

2006 Irving Domingue

2006 Don Gallet

2006 Eddie Louviere

2006 J. B. Richard

2006 Tommy Richard

2004 Hunter Trahan

2004 Ted Viator

2002 Gerald Abshire

2002 Dale Greig

2002 Anita Bendy

2002 Ed Dugas

2002 David Fisher

2002 Robert Harris

2002 Melanie Martin

1997 Tom Berniard

1997 Susan Risher

1997 Theresa Gaspard

1997 Cass Hall

1997 Dan Hare

1996 Jim Doyle

1996 Ian Hall

1995 Lisa David

1995 Ed Leblanc

1995 Dee Olivier

1995 John Thibeaux