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Outstanding Master's Graduate

The Outstanding Masters Graduate Award is given to an exemplary graduating senior of Graduate School in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. Each graduate program can nominate one student for the award, based on leadership, scholarship, service, and research. A committee, led by the dean of the University’s Graduate School, selects the top candidates.

Thomas Poche receives the award for overall Outstanding Graduate in the Spring 2024 semester.

Thomas Poché receives the award for overall Outstanding Master's Graduate in the Spring 2024 semester.

Past Recipients

2024 Spring Thomas Poché

2023 Fall Dana Wallis

2023 Spring Adam Ortego

2022 Fall Jonathan Olivier

2022 Spring Crystal Smith

2021 Fall Taisiia Kolisnyk

2021 Spring Narges Firouzshahi

2020 Fall David Allen

2020 Spring Olivia LaHaye

2019 Fall Tina Billberry

2019 Spring Jacob LeBlanc

2018 Fall Emily Covington

2018 Spring Jesse DelGizzi

2017 Fall Annie Briley

2017 Spring Katie Leleaux

2016 Fall Jude Monte

2016 Spring Timothy Shane

2015 Fall James Blankenship

2015 Spring Chasah West