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Outstanding Alumni

The Outstanding Alumni Award is the highest honor the University bestows upon a former student. It is given in recognition of outstanding professional and personal achievements that have brought honor and distinction to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. One must be a graduate or former student having attended no less than 10 years ago. It is traditionally awarded annually in the fall.

Photo of 2019 Outstanding Alumni Dr. Shawn WIlson, Jan Hargrave, and Dr. John
Pictured left to right: 2019 Outstanding Alumni Dr. Shawn Wilson, Jan Hargrave, and Dr. John "Jackie" Peck.

Past Recipients

2019 Jan Latiolais Hargrave

2019 Dr. John "Jackie" Peck

2019 Dr. Shawn Wilson

2018 Donald T. "Boysie" Bollinger

2018 Dr. Herman D. Hughes

2018 Warren A. Perrin

2017 Donald Mosing, Sr.

2017 Dr. William "Kip" Schumacher

2016 Secretary of State J. Thomas Schedler

2015 Stacey H. Dore

2015 Dr. Michael W. Langston

2014 Steve Oubre, Jr.

2013 James Doyle

2012 Hon. Jolivette Brown

2012 Stefni Lotief

2011 Kenneth Blanchard

2011 Dr. Keith Melancon

2010 Dr. Steve Landry

2009 Cong. Charles Boustany

2009 Cong. Charlie Melancon

2009 Denis Reggie

2008 Col. Charles DeBellevue

2007 Dr. Ray Authement

2006 Dr. Gordon Bernard

2006 John McDonnel

2005 Hollis Conway

2005 Floyd Sonnier

2003 Dr. George Rodrigue

2003 Ron Guidry

2002 Kenneth A. Ardoin

2002 Lloyd J. “Red” Lerille

2001 Cynthia Bridges

2001 Cecil Picard

2001 Dr. E. Joseph Savoie

1999 Kim Perrot*

1999 Espy J. Price

1999 Jay F. Honeycutt

1997 Louis Michot

1997 Margaret McMillian

1996 Dr. Sammie Cosper

1996 Harold Suire

1994 Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

1994 J. Weldon Granger

1994 Hon. Richard T. Haik

1994 A. Hays Town

1993 Dr. Doris Meriwether

1993 John Allen Prejean

1992 Dr. Donald B. Williams

1991 Harvey G. Bacque

1991 Dr. Bernard J. Bienvenu

1991 Philip J. Burguieres

1990 Congressman James A. Hayes

1990 Dr. John A. Bertrand

1989 Maj. Gen. John B. Marks

1989 Brig. Gen. Dorothy Butcher Pocklington

1988 Brian E. Schexnayder

1988 Dr. Allen D. Tillman

1986 Capt. Steven L. Bennett*

1986 Dr. Jane Ellen Carstens

1985 Dr. Geneva R. Johnson

1985 Frank W. Summers

1985 Edward W. Stagg

1984 Mario Mamalakis

1984 John W. Morriss

1984 B.I. Moody

1984 John W. Melton

1984 Sen. John Breaux

1983 Dr. Thomas J. Arceneaux

1983 Mary Holly Ducharme

1983 Dr. James A. Foret

1983 Marie Louise Comeaux Manuel

1982 Margret Chauvin Steen Villemez

1982 J. Luke Soileau

1982 Roland J. “Tom” Cambre

1982 Leon C. Moncla

1981 Julian C. “Dutch” Reinhardt

1981 Dr. James R. Oliver

1980 J. Rayburn Bertrand

1980 Dr. David H. Fisher, Sr.

1980 Herbert A. Hamilton

1980 E. Glynn Abel

1980 J. Otto “Chingle” Broussard

1979 Vesta Richard Bourgeois

1979 F.M. “Kit” Carson

1979 W.O. “Moon” Carson

1979 Hardy F. Edmiston, Jr.

1979 Jorge L. Gonzales-Paralitici

1979 Herbert Heymann

1978 William T. Bass

1978 Billy W. Bolton

1978 E. Raymond DesOrmeaux

1978 Sidney C. Ory

1978 Hon. Kaliste Saloom, Jr.

1978 D.S. “Shine” Young

1973 M. Eloi Girard

1971 Ambassador Jefferson Caffery