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Show Your Loyalty

Support the UL Alumni Association with your annual gift to the Alumni Loyalty Fund, formerly recognized as membership dues. As a Loyalty Fund donor, you will continue to be a part of UL Lafayette and remain connected to your alma mater.

As our alumni base and the Association's needs continue to grow, we are excited to announce that we are moving from a dues-based membership to a giving-based organization. This new structure will allow the Alumni Association to increase our engagement events on both local and national levels, accomplishing the overall mission and goal of the Association.

As of January 2017, all University of Louisiana at Lafayette graduates are a part of the Alumni Association and will receive benefits. Donors of $100 or more (or $50 if you graduated within the last five years) will also receive premium-level benefits. You can see the new levels of giving and benefits you'll now receive with your annual gift here.

Where your gift makes a difference:

Clubs and Chapters

Annual events such as crawfish boils, luncheons and trips


Student Initiatives

Grad Expo, Ring Ceremony, SOUL Camp support


Outstanding Graduate & Alumni Awards

Volunteer of Year Award, Honorary Alumni Award, Outstanding Alumni Award, etc.

Athletic Events

Tailgating, pregame parties, watch parties, etc.

Alumni Communication

Promotions, publications, etc.

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