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Walk of Honor

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Walk of Honor is paved with bricks engraved with graduates' names, arranged alphabetically by year beginning with the first graduating class of 1903.

Every graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has their name inscribed on a brick, which is placed on the Walk of Honor. Our alumni are a part of the University, and the Walk of Honor is our way of congratulating and thanking them.

The walkway begins near Martin Hall and is woven throughout the University—around the Quad, across Hebrard Boulevard, up Boucher Street, and down McKinley Street.

Marking the beginning of the walkway is a granite pedestal engraved with the words: "The men and women whose names appear in the Walk of Honor are graduates of the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, University of Southwestern Louisiana, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Their silent presence here is a test of their belief in the value of higher education and a reminder of their timeless connection to their alma mater."

The next time you return to campus, find your brick and take a photo! Post your UL Lafayette photos with the hashtag #ulalumni.

Path by Years

  • 1903 through 1974 flanks the south side of the quad stretching from Martin Hall to Broussard Hall
  • 1974 is between Mouton Hall and Stephens Hall
  • 1973 is between Stephens Hall and Broussard Hall
  • 1975 through 1988 flank the north side of the quad stretching from Mouton Hall to the University Circle in front of Martin Hall
  • 1989 is between Martin Hall and Foster Hall
  • 1990 Is between F.G. Mouton Hall and Foster Hall
  • 1991 through 2003 are within the Quad.
  • 2004 through 2006 runs from Martin Hall near Moody Hall to Hebrard Blvd. Near DeClouet Hall
  • 2007 through 2012 runs parallel to Boucher Street from Hebrard Blvd. to McKinley Street
  • 2013 through 2019 runs parallel to McKinley Street outside of the Student Union

Map of the Walk of Honor

View a larger version of the Walk of Honor map.