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Outstanding Graduate

The Outstanding Graduate Award is one of the highest honors the University bestows upon a graduating senior in recognition of outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.  Every spring and fall semester, deans from eight academic colleges each nominate a student as an Outstanding Graduate, based on leadership, scholarship and service. A selection committee of the Alumni Association interviews the candidates and selects one to receive the overall award.

If you are a student that has been nominated for the Outstanding Graduate award, fill out this nomination form.
Brooke Capritto receives her award as the Overall Oustanding Graduate.
Brooke Capritto was named the Outstanding Graduate in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions and overall Outstanding Graduate for the 2017 spring semester. She has a 3.94 GPA and is a dietetics major. Capritto appeared on the President’s List throughout her undergraduate studies. She is the recipient of numerous scholarships, including the University’s Academic Excellence Scholarship. The Louisiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics honored her as its Outstanding Sophomore in 2015 and as its Outstanding Senior this year. Capritto served twice as a Student Government Association senator, first representing University College and then the College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions. She twice served as treasurer of the Student Dietetic Association before becoming its president. She volunteered at numerous marathons and fun runs to raise money to combat ALS and heart disease, among other causes. Capritto has been employed at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center in Lafayette for three years while also teaching anatomy and physiology as a supplemental instructor at the UL Lafayette Learning Center. She is the daughter of James and Deana Theriot Capritto of St. Martinville, La.

Past Recipients

2017 Spring Brooke Capritto

2016 Fall Amélie Desormeaux

2016 Spring Ashley Duhon

2015 Fall Leondre' Queen

2015 Spring Zadid K. Haq

2014 Fall Alexandra Dardar

2014 Spring Matthew Hartley

2013 Fall Cory Etheredge

2013 Spring Brandon Plaisance

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2012 Spring Brooke Richard

2011 Fall Ashley Brignac

2011 Spring Patrick Adams

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2010 Spring Jaime Carroll

2009 Fall Michelle Abadie

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2008 Fall Kyle Kellner

2008 Spring Brennan Castille

2007 Fall Ramon Boudreaux

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2005 Fall Aimee Duplantis

2005 Spring Lauren E. Barry

2004 Fall Johnathan Ledet

2004 Spring Eric Bartel

2003 Fall Brody Viator

2003 Spring Jessica Clark

2002 Fall Elward Gardner

2002 Spring Ann E. Wingate

2001 Fall Blake Landry

2001 Spring Christopher B. Courville

2000 Fall Michelle K. Bryant

2000 Spring Scott L. Macicek

1999 Fall Kristy Lynn Aloisio

1999 Spring Paul Rochon

1998 Fall Laura Galan

1998 Spring Christopher M. Gradney

1997 Fall Cassie L. Willis

1997 Spring Timothy James Ellender

1996 Fall Peter G. Comeaux, Jr.

1996 Spring Edgar Thomas-Ponce

1995 Fall Kerrie A. Holmes

1995 Spring Donna Lynn Fontenot

1994 Fall Anjanette Marie Daigle

1994 Spring Cynthia Kinsland

1993 Fall Lance T. Martin

1993 Spring Shannon Elizabeth Hicks

1992 Fall Deidre Leigh Doucet

1992 Spring Vincent Barras

1991 Fall Donald J. Courville

1991 Spring Dana Belaire

1990 Fall Stefni Whitton

1990 Spring Pam Bourque

1989 Fall Melanie Binet

1989 Spring Frank W. Summers III

1988 Fall Dona K. Renegar

1988 Spring Julie Authement

1987 Fall Donna Chance

1987 Fall Melanie Elliott

1987 Spring Charlotte Hayes Mariah

1986 Fall Shannon Michelle Rutland

1986 Spring Phillip Noel

1985 Fall Camille Domingue

1985 Spring Nannette J. Jolivette

1984 Fall Bernard B. Rees

1984 Spring Judy Marie Deshotels

1983 Fall Jude D. Bourque

1983 Spring James Randy Young

1982 Fall Erin O'Neil

1982 Spring Mark C. Pierret

1981 Fall Julia C. Cowan

1981 Fall Elmo J. Laborde, Jr.

1981 Spring Regina Bouillion

1981 Spring Gary Lee Sonnier

1980 Fall Nancy K. Harris

1980 Fall Stann Stirling

1980 Spring Lynn Kathy Maher

1980 Spring James 'Jim' Slatten

1979 Fall Stephen J. Oats

1979 Fall Lila Houeye

1979 Spring Lisa Romero

1979 Spring Ryan Barilleaux

1978 Amy Lee Sonnlietner

1978 Terry Huval

1977 Desley Noonan

1977 Roger McChesney

1976 Madelyn Broussard-Scott

1976 Cary Menard

1975 Linda Eyster

1975 Paul Tabary II

1974 Sidney Watson

1974 Barbara Whitesides

1974 Joseph Charles Giglio, Jr.

1973 Deborah Sue Duplechin

1973 Lorrie T. Olivier

1972 Mary E. Melancon

1972 John Schneider

1971 Cheryl T. Arceneaux

1971 George Coussan

1970 Donna Mayeaux

1970 James Denny III

1969 Margaret Berniard

1969 Vance Andrus

1968 Verna Marie Stanley

1968 James Massingale

1967 Karen Ann Atteberry

1967 Earl J. Latiolais

1966 Stan Hardee

1966 Connie Dill

1965 Ann Jennings

1965 John Hebert

1964 Carolyn Ory

1964 Paul Cloutier

1963 Patricia Boutte

1963 John W. Melton III

1962 Suzanne Firmin

1962 Winston Riddick

1961 Janet Dill-Schafer

1961 Isaac Jackson Burson, Jr.

1960 Douglas Adkins

1960 Heloise Martin-Cassidy

1959 Dale Reed

1959 Geraldine Cormier-Hubbell

1958 Gale Breaux

1958 Helen Trahan-Arnold

1957 John Denison

1957 Frances Pickering

1956 Donald McSpadden

1956 Elaine Barron

1955 Donovan Pontiff

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1954 Mark W. Boudreaux

1954 Barbara Elaine Taylor

1953 Janet Foss-Costley

1953 David B. Regan

1952 Harry Thomas Lemmon

1952 Grace Kloor Kieffer

1951 Billie Jewell Trahan-Goux

1951 Chris Duplechain

1950 Lucille Magon-Smith

1950 David Fisher

1949 Ruby Lee Draughon-Crider

1949 Alex Stirling

1948 Anna Givens-Snyder

1948 Tom Bartlett

1947 Mabel Rosell Patterson

1947 William Allen Sistrunk

1946 Marvelle McMillan

1946 Michael Pendergast

1945 Fay Gautreau-Brown

1944 Marion Fleming-Weber

1943 Leonard Bienvenu

1942 Evelyn Toups-Comeaux

1941 Ernest L. McMillan

1940 Margaret McMillan

1939 Kaliste J. Saloom, Jr.

1938 Elia Boudreaux

1937 Harry Stuart Saucier

1936 Lewis Texada Graham

1935 Floyd Hamilton

1934 Frances Amelia Vaughn

1933 Carroll Lee Hoffpauir

1932 Edith Louise Hoffpauir

1931 Joyce Katherine Sturdivant

1930 Crow Girard Davidson

1929 Robert Spencer Barnett