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Athletics Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame logoThe Purpose of the Hall of Fame

The Athletics Hall of Fame shall be to give perpetual recognition to those athletes, coaches and athletic administrators who have made a significant contribution to the good name of the University by demonstrating exceptional ability and sportsmanship on the playing fields, as a coach or as an administrator in their contribution to athletic and sports excellence. Athletes shall have attained significant achievements during their eligibility while maintaining commendable scholarship in the classroom, high quality leadership on campus and elsewhere. Former student- athletes who have distinguished themselves through achievements on the highest level in their professional athletic careers while still indirectly representing the University with integrity and character are eligible for the Hall of Fame.

The purpose shall also be to further remind each new generation of athletes of the tradition they must strive to uphold and the ideals that they should strive to realize while they are wearing the uniform of the athletic teams of the University or in their achievements in their professional careers in continuing to represent the University.

Procedure for Selection

Nominations for consideration to the Hall of Fame may come from any source such as friends, family, former coaches, peers, etc. Primary selection for the Hall of Fame shall be made by majority vote of the Ragin’ Cajun Lettermen Club Board of Directors. The Ragin’ Cajun Lettermen Club is comprised of all men and women who lettered in varsity athletics while a student at SLI/USL/UL Lafayette and is a constituent chapter of the UL Alumni Association and it retains close ties to the Athletic Department. The Athletic Director and the President of the University then approve the candidates for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Categories of Nominees

  • Student-athlete – preferably a graduate of the University or a student-athlete whose eligibility has expired, a student-athlete who entered the professional ranks prior to expiration of eligibility or a student-athlete who did not complete eligibility with appropriate reasons (ex. Injury). Eligibility would commence five (5) years from graduation or the end of athletic competition at the University. For those former student-athletes whose nominations are based on outstanding achievement in their professional career, eligibility would commence three (3) years after competition on the professional level.
  • Coach – Eligible for nomination five (5) years after retirement or end of association with the University having attained a minimum of five (5) years of service to the University.
  • Administrator – Eligible for nomination five (5) years after retirement or end of association with the University having attained a minimum of ten (10) years of service to the University. Revised July 2016

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

  1. Nominations of student-athletes, coaches or administrators to the Hall of Fame shall be considered by the Ragin Cajun Lettermen Club Board of Directors based on the nominee’s dedication and performance while at the University or through their professional career. Those items listed below are desirable attributes and may serve as a guideline for consideration by the Board, however, the Board shall have authority, with concurrence by the Athletic Director and University President, to waive specific requirements if deemed appropriate, warranted and justified:
  2. Have earned a baccalaureate, professional or graduate degree from UL Lafayette or other accredited institution of higher learning.
  3. Have earned varsity letters and participated at two (2) years of athletic competition at SLI/USL/UL Lafayette.
  4. Have gained distinction through superlative performance as a student-athlete at the University with recognition of All-Conference, All-American, and Olympian; or with significant achievement and recognition on the professional level. In the absence of a conference affiliation at the time of participation in University athletics, the student- athlete must have achieved significant regional or national recognition.
  5. Have gained distinction as a Coach with appropriate conference or National recognition.
  6. Have made significant achievements, accomplishments or contributions to the University as an Administrator during their tenure or career.
  7. Have shown that they possess sound character and outstanding qualities of sportsmanship and leadership.
  8. Have represented the University with dignity and respect, either while at the University, during their professional career and afterwards as stewards of continued support for the University.

Hall of Fame Inductees:

Glynn Abel

Melissa Coronado Abner
Softball, 2016

Michael Allen
Basketball, 2014

Jose Alvarez
Baseball, 2019

David A. Alvis
Baseball, 2007

Rollie Andre
Weightlifting, 2000

Baron P. Babineaux
Football, 2004

Gene M. Bacque
Baseball, 2013

Carroll R. Baggett
Track & Field/Cross Country

James E. Barton

William T. Bass
Football, Boxing

Charles D. Beazley
Track & Field/Cross Country

Thomas E. Bickham, Jr.
Football, 1975

Catherine Sconzo Blackburn
Softball, 2001

Don A. Blair
Football, 1996

Stewart B. Blue
Track & Field

Phedias W. Bordelon
Football, Basketball

Charles D. Bordes
Baseball, 1998

Ray J. Boudreaux

Steve A. Brackin
Baseball, 1977

Sen. John Breaux
Tennis, 2016

Dr. Emily L. Britton
Softball, 2013

Joseph O. Broussard, Jr.

Dion Brown
Basketball, 2017

Bill L. Bryan
Tennis, 2011

Alton M. Bujard
Football, Basketball, Baseball

Dr. Joseph G. Burleigh
Weightlifting, 1995

Christian K. Cagle, Sr.
Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Baseball

Roland J. Cambre
Baseball, Basketball

Louie A. Campbell

Jack M. Causey
Cross Country/Track, 2012

Ronald Church, Sr.

Joesph A. Chustz

William C. Coker, III
Golf, 2004

Hollis Conway
Track & Field, 1996

Danny Cottonham
Administration, 2017

George W. Crowson, Jr.

John W. Davis
Track & Field, 1998

Stephanie DeFeo
Softball, 2019

Jake C. Delhomme
Football, 2006

Gerald R. Didier, Sr.
Baseball, Basketball, 1998

Scott Dohmann
Baseball, 2018

Jerry Y. Duncan

Mort W. Elkind
Basketball, 1978

John M. Falgout
Football, 1977

Steven Feehan
Baseball, 2014

Kevin A. Figaro
Basketball, 2006

Dr. David H. Fisher, Sr.

Jerry R. Flake

Ben H. Freeman, Jr.

Christopher S. Gannon
Football, 1998

Bret Garnett
Tennis, 2019

Brooke M. Garrity
Softball, 2010

Yvette Girouard
Softball, 2018

Danyele K. Gomez
Softball, 2012

Stephen D. Gossen
Football, Baseball

Sydney M. Grider
Basketball, 2013

Paul R. Griffith
Tennis, 2000

Neal T. Guidry
Track & Field, 2000

Rocky P. Guidry
Football, Track & Field, 2009

Ron Guidry
Baseball, 2015

Patrick J. Gullett
Track & Field

Tiffany Clark Gusman
Softball, 2018

Alyson A. Habetz
Basketball, Softball, 2003

Kyla R. Hall
Softball, 1999

Brad Hamilton
Football, 1975

Donald S. Harper

JoJo Harris
Track & Field, 2017

Tiffany W. Harris
Softball, 2007

Aubrey R. Hawkins
Cross Country/Track, 1975

Gene P. Hebert
Weightlifting, 2005

Gerald Hebert
Administration, 2018

James J. Hebert

Leigh Hennessy
Gymnastics, 2019

Jeff Hennessy
Administration, 2019

Xavier Hernandez
Baseball, 2008

John C. Herron, Jr.
Football, 1978

Cheryl L. Hogan
Softball, 2011

John W. Hunt
Tennis, 1981

Carl R. Hurst

Walter M. Imahara

Joseph E. Johnston
Cross Country/Track, 1963

Dr. James E. Kennison
Football, Baseball, 1975

Nia Nakafeero Kiggundu
Volleyball, 2006

Leonard E. Kleinpeter
Football, Baseball

Joseph E. Labauve

Grady J. Labbe
Track & Field, 2001

Glenn D. Lafleur
Football, 1976

Dwight Lamar

Charles Lancon
Track & Field, Administration, 2019

Gerald M. Landry
Football, 2003

Walter John Landry, Jr.
Track & Field, 2007

Beverley R. Langley
Track & Field, 2006

Sherry LeBas
Administration, 2017

William L. LeBlanc

Louis O. Lenfant, Jr.
Cross Country/Track

Marvin J. Leonard

Priscilla Lima
Volleyball, 2019

Carlo P. Listi
Boxing, 1978

Dr. Carter Odell Lomax, Jr.
Tennis, 2005

Stefni W. Lotief
Softball, 1996

Jonathan Lucroy
Baseball, 2017

George L. Luffey
Football, Baseball, 1975

Twilet N. Malcolm
Track & Field, 1999

Jennifer H. Marsh
Tennis, 2009

Andy A. Martin
Football, 2013

Damon Mason
Football, 2018

Mike J. McDonald

John McDonnell
Track & Field

Dr. William H. McHorris

Becky J. McMurtry
Softball, 2009

Ndabezinhle Mdhlongwa
Track & Field, 2003

Ken J. Meyers
Baseball, 1999

Brian K. Mitchell
Football, 2007

Jeffery J. Mitchell
Football, 2010

Frank G. Mixon
Football, 1978

Dr. David G. Moore

Larry F. Moore
Track & Field, 2005

John W. Morriss

Kathy Morton
Softball, 2019

Joseph H. Murry, Jr.
Track & Field

Dr. Michael W. Neustrom
Football, 2005

Garrett W. O'Connor
Baseball, 2003

Leslie E. O'Neal
Baseball, 2004

Elfrid Payton
Men's Basketball, 2020

Craig W. Perks
Golf, 2000

Warren A. Perrin

Kim Perrot
Women's Basketball, 2017

Robert J. Petitfils, Jr.

Anna Petrakova
Women's Basketball, 2018

John Porche
Administration, 2017

Harold B. Porter
Football, Track & Field

Edward A. Pratt

Ursula A. Quoyeser
Softball, Volleyball

Dr. James R. Reinhardt
Weightlifting, 1978

Ashley Rhoney
Tennis, 2019

Major Edwin S. Richardson, III
Baseball, Basketball

Jill Robertson
Softball, 2014

Malcolm E. Robinson
Cross Country/Track

Robert F. Rodgers

Dr. Louis B. Roth, Jr.
Football, 1976

BJ Ryan
Baseball, 2016

William T. Ryckman
Baseball, Basketball, 2001

Todd C. Scott
Football, 2010

Rafael Septien

Lacey Bertucci Sharp
Softball, 2017

Nolan E. Sharon, Jr.
Football, 1996

Michael H. Shea

Dr. William J. Sheffield, Jr., Ph.D.
Track & Field, 1999

Beryl Shipley
Basketball Coach, 2016

Paul C. Short, Jr.
Golf, 1977

Winston R. Sinclair
Track & Field, 2010

Willard Smith
Football, 1997

Stephen M. Spinella
Football, 2009

Byron O. Starks
Basketball, 2011

Harry Stelly

Brandon R. Stokley
Football, 2008

Lana J. Stokley
Softball, 2008

S. Major Swindler, Jr.
Baseball, 1997

Ivan "Ike" Taylor
Football, 2019

Alana M. Templet
Softball, 2008

Clifton J. Theriot
Baseball, Basketball

Orlando P. Thomas
Football, 2011

Tommy F. Thomas

Tim Thompson
Basketball, 1975

Charles A. Tillman
Football, 2012

Andrew Toney

Gustave Trahan, Jr.

Matt Trevino
Golf, 2014

Lucius R. Trosclair, Jr.
Baseball, 1999

Mark Trosclair
Baseball, 2004

M. Robert Voitier, Sr.
Football, 1963

George K. Weatherford, Jr.

Dudley Wilkins
Track & Field

Keisha O. Williams
Track & Field, 2004

James A. Zock
Football, Basketball