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Ragin' Cajun Spirit

The Ragin’ Cajun Spirit Award was created and funded by former Association President Sid Ory, the man credited with coining the term “Ragin’ Cajuns”. The award recognized a University employee who exemplified the enthusiasm and never-say-die spirit of a Ragin’ Cajun.


Past Recipients

2016 Abby Guillory

2015 Dr. Mike Maher

2014 Debbie Calais

2013 Dr. Dewayne Bowie

2012 Lori Crain

2011 Anita Hazelwood

2010 Ken Ardoin & Kennan Guillory

2009 Jennifer Martin Taylor

2008 Bill Crist

2007 Mary Neiheisel

2006 Brian Taylor

2005 Geralyn “GiGi” Bertrand

2003 Sherry Lebas, Asst. Director/Athletics

2002 Leonard Wiltz, Supervisor/Physical Plant

2001 Steve Provost, Purchasing Manager/Physical Plant

2000 Maggie B. Vincent, Secretary/Student Union