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Specialty License Plates

Louisiana Specialty Plate

By act of the Louisiana Legislature, university alumni and supporters across the state may purchase special vehicle license plates bearing the marks of a particular university. 

Order Your UL Lafayette License Plate

Ask for the UL Lafayette license plate when you purchase your new automobile. Cost of the plate is $102 above the regular vehicle registration fee, valid for two years. Your automobile dealer can assist you at the time of purchase.

Exchange Your Current License Plate

Exchange your existing plate for a UL Lafayette plate. You will be given credit for your existing unexpired registration. Call the Department of Motor Vehicles at (225) 925-6371 or go to and click on 'Special Plates' to determine the cost of your new UL Lafayette plate.

Then send a written request to the DMV, P.O. Box 64886, Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4866, for your UL Lafayette plate. Note in your request that: UL Lafayette is the benefiting university. Include a photocopy of your certificate of registration and a check made payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the amount determined in step 2.

If you want to exchange your plate in person, you can visit the Lafayette DMV Office, 3241 N.W. Evangeline Thruway, to get your UL Lafayette plate. UL Lafayette plates are available at some, but not all, of the statewide DMV offices. Please call (225) 925-6371 to find out if the UL plate is available at your local DMV office.

All Louisiana residents may purchase a UL plate. Remember, $100 of the $102 fee benefits the UL Lafayette Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.