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Buy Licensed & Wear Red

In 2006, the University began a formal Wear Red Day celebration. For nearly a decade, Ragin’ Cajuns® students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans "Wear Read" every Friday to show their support for the university no matter where they live or work. If you’re shopping for Ragin’ Cajuns® merchandise, be sure to look for a tag with a hologram that should be attached as it is your assurance that a product has been made by a manufacturer who has permission to make items that carry the University’s name and logos.

UL Lafayette earns a small percentage of the cost of licensed merchandise. That revenue is reinvested in its licensing program and branding initiatives. So when you wear red, you're not only supporting the brand of the University, but also athletics, academics and research.

Several retailers in Acadiana, throughout Louisiana, and online carry licensed merchandise for the University.