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Volunteer Leadership

The Alumni Association organizes alumni, students, supporters and friends and directs their time, talents and resources to best serve the University. Modes of volunteer service include the Executive Board, Alumni Council and Past President's Council. The Alumni Council and Executive Board support the Alumni Affairs office in carrying out the Alumni Association’s mission.  These groups supply endless volunteer hours and financial resources in hosting events locally and regionally.

Executive Board

The Executive Board, also known as the Board of Directors, consists of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President and Vice Presidents who are selected from the Alumni Council by a special nominating committee. The Executive Board typically meets monthly and brings matters needing a vote to the full council for a decision.

Meet the members of our Alumni Association executive board.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the governing body of the UL Alumni Association. The Council consist of 15 alumni elected by Loyalty Fund Donors of the Association, presidents of clubs and chapters, one appointed Louisiana representative, one appointed representative outside Louisiana, two at-large representatives appointed by the Association President, two student representatives (SGA and AFA presidents), the Alumni Presidents Council who serve as ex-officio members, appointed chairs of major Association committees who will serve as ex-officio members, previous academic year’s fall and spring Overall Outstanding Graduate Award recipients who serve as ex-officio members and non-elective, ex-officio officers to be appointed by the President with consent and approval of the Executive Board such as Recording Secretary and Custodian of Funds.

The Alumni Council traditionally meets for a two-day meeting the first home game weekend of the season called Leadership Weekend. In the spring the council meets again typically in March and call this their Spring Council Meeting.

In addition to the annual meetings, council members are called on throughout the year to assist with various engagement events hosted by the Alumni Association including tailgate parties before every home game, Club and Chapter events for which they have an affinity, and many other activities.

Meet the members of our 2023-2024 Alumni Council.