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How to Help

“Five things alumni bring that are important to their alma mater: advice, service, money, new students, and ambassadorial representation.” – Handbook of Institutional Advancement

A university benefits from the strength of its alumni program. Similarly, the value of a person’s degree is only enhanced by the strength, growth and continued enhancement of his or her university. It is extremely important to the life a university to have active and strong alumni. As alumni, each person has some responsibility to the University. They should promote it, defend it, and be positive about it.

Offer advice

  • Respond to surveys or other requests for your opinion.
  • Contact your college or sequence chair with ideas to improve academic programs, offer to guest lecture, or to let them know they are doing a good job.
  • Occasionally, the Alumni Association is asked to nominate alumni to serve on search committees; if you are asked, please say yes.

Offer service

  • Volunteer for committees, events or departments.
  • Mentor students or hire interns.
  • Keep the University in mind when making important decisions.
  • Help us acquire and maintain good contact information.
  • Become involved in a local Club or affinity Chapter.

Help increase donations

  • Be a donor.
  • Volunteer for phone-a-thons and thank-a-thons.
  • Participate in donor recruiting contests.
  • Ask people to contribute to the Loyalty Fund.
  • Alert the alumni office to potential donors/sponsors/etc.
  • Tell other alumni the importance of participation.

New students

  • Recruit, recruit, recruit!
  • Talk up the university to children in the 7th - 12th grades.
  • Tell out-of-state alumni that their children can attend for in-state tuition.
  • Promote UL Lafayette among friends and family.

Ambassadorial representation

  • Buy and wear Ragin’ Cajun and UL Lafayette merchandise, red, etc.
  • When a press release is issued about you, be sure to include that you are a UL Lafayette alum.
  • Attend UL Lafayette events and activities.
  • Be an advocate for the University in your community.