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Take your pride on the road and support students with UL Lafayette license plate

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There are many ways to show that you're a proud Ragin' Cajun. One of the best ways to show off your pride on the open road is by purchasing a UL Lafayette license plate for your vehicle. 

All Louisiana residents may purchase a UL Lafayette specialty license plate through the state's Office of Motor Vehicles. The plate cost is $102 above the regular vehicle registration fee and is valid for two years. Supporters who wish to exchange their current license plate for a UL Lafayette plate can easily do this by following a few simple steps

When you purchase the specialty license plate, currently on its third redesign, you also give back to UL Lafayette students through scholarships. $100 of the $102 fee benefits the UL Lafayette Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. For alumnus Kaliste Saloom, he loved that he could support student success while also representing his alma mater. "That was a huge reason as to why I purchased the specialty license plate," Saloom said.

Saloom '81 has been a supporter of the University for decades. "The University has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up only blocks from the school and would frequently visit campus even before I was a student." He credits the University for giving him a top-notch education that led to him becoming a successful lawyer. "When I was in law school, I held my own academically with graduates from elite schools. I was proud of my alma mater for giving me the tools to do so." 

When he discovered the UL Lafayette specialty license plate, Saloom knew this was the perfect way to represent the University he loved so much. "I wanted to support [UL Lafayette] and show my pride for my alma mater," Saloom said. He's had his specialty license plate since 1999 and has kept it ever since. 

Saloom also encourages other Ragin' Cajuns in Louisiana to update their vehicles with a specialty license plate. "It's a great way to show your pride and support scholarship programs."

There's also an option to get a specialty plate for Ragin' Cajuns that live in Texas. Show your passion for the University as you travel across the Lone Star state with your Ragin' Cajuns license plate. Whether you live in Louisiana or Texas, purchasing a specialty license plate is the perfect way to support the University. For more information on the UL Lafayette specialty license plate, visit the Alumni Association's website.


Photo Caption: A sample of the UL Lafayette branded specialty license plate for Louisiana drivers; fees from plates purchased in the state benefit student scholarship funding by the UL Lafayette Alumni Association. (Photo Caption: Courtney Bergeron/UL Lafayette)