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Club Spotlight: Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club

Colorado is home to many beautiful nature trails, mountain ranges, and the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club. The Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club is one of a handful of clubs part of the UL Lafayette Alumni Association, whose membership base is derived from a specific geographic region. Not only do they reach the state of Colorado, but the club also has nine UL Lafayette alumni members in Wyoming. With more than 1,000 alumni in the state and over 600 registered alumni in Colorado, their club reaches far and wide.

Frankie Quintana serves as the president of the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club. After graduating from the University in 2011, she moved to Colorado in 2013 and has been there since. "I think it's pretty impressive that we have 600 people that have registered with the Alumni Association that are living in the state of Colorado," said Quintana. "People come from all over [Colorado], but we base everything in Denver."

Quintana initially joined the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club when she first moved almost seven years ago because she loves to represent her alma mater. "I have always had a lot of Ragin' Cajuns pride," said Quintana. While studying criminal justice at UL Lafayette, Quintana said she rarely had time to get involved with the University. So, when she had the opportunity, she got involved with the Alumni Association and found the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club.

Quintana and the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club have been busy as of late. The club recently hosted a watch party for the Louisiana vs. Texas football game at Stoney's Bar and Grill in Denver. This was the club's first event since 2019. Quintana said the turnout was excellent, with over 20 alumni showing up to show out and cheer on the Ragin' Cajuns. Because of the success of their watch party in early September, Quintana is hoping to have even more fun at their next watch party. She would like to plan another watch party in November when Louisiana hosts Georgia State on Nov. 4 in a nationally televised game on ESPN. More details about this event will be announced soon.

If you want to find out all the fun things the club is doing, she recommends updating your profile with the UL Lafayette Alumni Association. "Once you update your profile showing that you're a resident of the state of Colorado, you automatically are put on my mailing list for events," said Quintana.

Quintana knows that anyone who visits Colorado will fall in love with the state since there are so many outdoor activities to try. "There are a lot of new things to experience that you don't get to see back home," said Quintana. With so much potential on the horizon, Quintana is excited for the future of the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club. For more information on upcoming Colorado Ragin Cajun Club events, make sure to visit its Facebook page or contact Frankie Quintana directly.

Photo Caption: Members of the Colorado Ragin' Cajun Club.