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Association calls for Alumni Student Recruitment Program volunteers

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The UL Lafayette Alumni Association is teaming up with the Office of Enrollment Management to bring the Alumni Student Recruitment Program back for another year.
The purpose of the Alumni Student Recruitment Program is to have alumni write personalized letters to potential students who are considering attending the University but have not fully committed yet. Alumni and students are matched based on similarities, such as their area of study or geographic region.
Kayla Hebert, assistant director of special events and student initiatives at the Alumni Association, thinks this program is an excellent way for alumni across the country to volunteer.
“This program allows our alumni the opportunity to share their love for the University as well as fun memories of their time on campus with potential students in hopes that, in return, the students will want to become part of our campus community and choose to further their education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette,” Hebert said.
This year, the Alumni Association is offering a special incentive for those who choose to write a certain number of letters. “Anyone that writes at least 100 letters will receive two passes (for them and a guest) to enjoy the President’s Pregame exclusive experience at any one home football game this upcoming season,” Hebert said.
Ruben Henderson, associate director of undergraduate admissions and recruitment, has seen first-hand how this program has impacted enrollment at the University.
“Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in first-time freshmen at the University. I think the Alumni Student Recruitment Program has helped us to make the necessary connections and assisted us in the recruitment process,” Henderson said. Last year, a total of 2,885 freshmen were enrolled at UL Lafayette for the fall 2022 semester. This incoming freshman class was the largest in five years.
As a past participant in this program, Henderson encourages everyone to sign up for this great volunteer opportunity. “I would encourage someone to participate in the Alumni Student Recruitment Program because it [gives you a chance] to contribute to our University and make a major contribution to our prospective and future students,” Henderson said.
If you’re interested in participating in the Alumni Student Recruitment Program, please fill out this form, and an Alumni Association representative will contact you.