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You're doing great: Advice to our recent graduates

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After years of hard work and perseverance, you finally did it! You graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. But now, it’s time for your next big adventure — life after college. Your possibilities are endless, but you may need a little help figuring out how to take that next step. Here are three pieces of advice for recent UL Lafayette graduates on succeeding after college.

You don’t have to have your perfect job lined up right after graduation.

Just because your friends may have their jobs secured after graduation doesn’t mean that you’re behind if you don’t. If you don’t have your dream job waiting for you after walking across the stage, that’s okay. It means that you have time to relish in the moment. It also allows you to think about your next steps. If you’re looking to begin your job search, the UL Lafayette Office of Career Services is a great place to start. UL Lafayette alumni have free access to career events, one-on-one meetings with staff members, and Handshake — UL Lafayette’s online career management system for exploring jobs and career resources. Visit for more information and career advice.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking.

Sometimes, a connection you made years ago can lead to a new opportunity that you didn’t even think was possible. Networking is a great way to meet people working in job fields that interest you. The UL Lafayette Alumni Association offers a tool that makes networking and finding a mentor easier than ever before. Cajun Compass is UL Lafayette’s networking and mentorship platform that allows students, alumni, and friends to connect. This free tool is a great way to network with other Ragin’ Cajuns worldwide and learn from their experiences. You never know where one connection might lead you. For more information on Cajun Compass, visit

You’re right where you’re meant to be.

No matter what direction your life takes you, it’s important to remember that your path is unique. Every person’s journey has different timelines and different outcomes. The trick is to focus on your individual experiences and not compare your life to others. Don’t lose sight of your future because your story is just beginning.

Make sure to stay connected with the Alumni Association throughout every milestone by updating your information with us.

Photo Caption: UL Lafayette graduates at commencement (Photo Credit: Doug Dugas Rachel Rafati / University of Louisiana at Lafayette)