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University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union keeps alumni connected through financial services

There are many ways to stay connected to your alma mater once you graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. One way is by joining the University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union. The University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1958 by ten employees of then Southwestern Louisiana Institute. These employees wanted to create a source of credit for members by pooling their savings to make loans at low-interest rates and offer other financial services for the economic well-being of its members. Since its inception, the credit union has expanded membership to UL Lafayette employees and students, South Louisiana Community College employees and students, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Foundation members, and all UL Lafayette Alumni Association members.

Monica Declouet serves as CEO of the credit union. She’s been at the credit union for over 25 years and has worked her way up to the highest leadership role possible. “This has been my only job, and I love my career here,” said Declouet. Declouet is proud to work at the University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union because they truly believes in helping their members in any way that they can. As the University has grown, the credit union has grown with it by expanding its membership and increasing the financial services it offers its members. “We can do almost anything from savings accounts, checking accounts, car loans, and even credit cards,” said Declouet.

According to Katelyn Dubuc, who serves as the marketing manager and compliance officer at the credit union, the organization prides itself on serving its members across the country. “If you move out of the state of Louisiana, we can still help you,” said Dubuc. The credit union offers all of its services electronically, so you never even have to step foot inside of a branch. The credit union is also a member of the CO-OP Shared Branch network with other credit unions across the country. This service means that you can visit other credit unions within the network to access your account, make deposits, and get person-to-person assistance. “It’s a really great service,” said Dubuc.

The University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union has over 6,000 members. However, to Declouet, these members are more than just a number. “We’re in the business of helping people, and we want our members to know that we really care about them,” said Declouet. The credit union’s efforts have even become award-winning. Based on their excellent work, the organization was fortunate enough to be awarded some federal funding during the COVID-19 pandemic. “This just helps us give back to our members,” said Declouet. The University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union has its annual membership meeting on May 11. This meeting is free to attend for all members with food and prizes. If you’re interested in joining the University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union, visit their website for more information.