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UL Lafayette meet-cute gives new meaning to the word 'SOULmate'

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a place that many alumni hold near and dear to their hearts. For some, it’s a place where their love stories first began. Drake and Carly Glatter’s story blossomed when they met on UL Lafayette’s campus. Drake had just transferred to study communication while Carly was studying to become an athletic trainer. To meet new people, Drake decided to apply to be a member of the SOUL Camp staff. SOUL Camp is a unique experiential transition program that supplements New Student Orientation. SOUL Camp provides new students with skills and networks to help them develop leadership skills and Ragin’ Cajun spirit. Carly also applied, and as fate would have it, they were both selected as staff members that year.

Carly vividly remembers meeting Drake at a SOUL Camp event for the first time. “I’d say we met for the first time at the Alumni Center because we had a big group gathering to get to know everyone on staff,” said Carly. She remembers thinking that he was amusing, charming, and just seemed like a great guy. Drake remembers getting to know Carly at the first SOUL Camp retreat. “That weekend, I spent some quality time with Carly, and we really got to know each other,” said Drake. After that retreat, Carly asked Drake to one of her sorority events, and the rest is history.

The couple got to experience tons of wonderful memories with each other as students. However, the most special memory was in 2018 when they graduated from UL Lafayette together. Since then, they’ve even been able to return to campus to find what every graduate looks for — their brick. “We’ve gotten to see our bricks on the Walk of Honor, and that was really cool,” said Drake.

After graduation, Drake and Carly relocated to New Orleans to begin their professional careers. Drake knew it was finally time to pop the question, so he planned a surprise proposal for Carly in the Big Easy. After she said yes, Drake surprised her again by celebrating their engagement with their family, siblings, and some of their closest friends from UL Lafayette.

This UL Lafayette spirit didn’t just stop at their engagement. Drake and Carly made sure to celebrate their alma mater at their wedding with a unique Ragin’ Cajun groom’s cake. “UL Lafayette sums up our meeting and our relationship. It just has a special place in our hearts,” said Carly. They even managed to take a group picture with all of the alumni that attended their wedding.

As the couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary, they’ve genuinely been able to reflect on how grateful they are for the place that brought them together. “I love the education and experiences that I got from the school. And, of course, I’m so glad that I met my husband there,” said Carly.

Drake is exceptionally thankful for the community of people he met at UL Lafayette. He knows that he can count on them for advice and help as he grows in his profession. But most importantly, he’s thankful that his path led him to the University and eventually led him to Carly. “For me, I’m most grateful for meeting the love of my life,” said Drake. What started as a coincidental meeting has become a happily ever after and another great UL Lafayette love story.

Photo Caption: Drake and Carly Glatter show off their Ragin' Cajun groom's cake at their wedding. (Photo Credit: The Crawfords Photography)