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The Alumni Center is picture-perfect according to photographers

Family Wedding Photo by Catherine Guidry

When you're picking a location for a photo session, you want to make sure it checks off all of your boxes. The area should have a variety of spaces for different shots, great lighting, and the location's aesthetic needs to align with your vision for the pictures. If you're struggling to find the perfect spot to capture your memories, look no further than the Alumni Center.

The Alumni Center is one of the premier locations for photo sessions in Lafayette, Louisiana. Whether you're capturing the first look for a wedding or getting the perfect family portrait, the pictures you take at the Alumni Center will last a lifetime. But don't just take our word for it. We interviewed photographers to get their opinions on why they love to photograph at the Alumni Center.

Engagement photo shoot with couple and two dogs by Catherine Guidry

Alumna Catherine Guidry has been a wedding photographer for over a decade. She initially attended UL Lafayette to pursue architecture but realized that her passion was wedding photography after she graduated. Guidry loves the timeless feel of the Alumni Center. "I have photographed everything from families to brides [at the Alumni Center], and to this day, those photographs stand the test of time," said Guidry.

She also loves that clients pay a small fee to reserve the Alumni Center for their photo session, resulting in not having to compete with other clients and photographers for locations on the grounds. "I appreciate that the cost is affordable to the client and also in place to eliminate a large majority of visitors," said Guidry. When looking for the perfect photo session location, Guidry recommends finding a place that fits your personal style and the style of your home. "You will eventually display these images in your home, so you want images that fit the aesthetic of your decor," said Guidry.

Senior photography of two females at Alumni Center gates by Yusef DavisAlumnus Yusef Davis has been a professional photographer for four years. However, he started taking pictures when he was only eight years old. He now specializes in portrait and event photography in Louisiana. Davis thinks that the Alumni Center has some of the best spots in town for photo sessions. "It has some of the best scenery in Lafayette and is highly requested by most of my college graduate clients and high school graduate clients," said Davis. His favorite spot on the grounds is the entrance by the stunning gates. "It gives an extremely elegant air to all of my pictures [for] my clients," said Davis.

Davis also loves paying the small fee to reserve the Alumni Center for his photo sessions. "Being able to reserve the Alumni Center puts it in a special class of photography locations in the Acadiana area, and to me, it's probably the most convenient for photographers who capture a lot of images on UL Lafayette's campus," said Davis. Ultimately, Davis enjoys the versatility of taking pictures at the Alumni Center. "I would recommend it because it's honestly like having five or six locations in one," said Davis.

When thinking of your next photo session location, make sure to consider the Alumni Center. The Alumni Center has become a staple location for photo sessions in the Acadiana region. Timeless and iconic backgrounds fill the grounds, and clients can reserve the Alumni Center for themselves. The gardens and the house are available to reserve for photos. If you're interested in booking the Alumni Center for a photo session, click here or email Dan Hare at

Thumbnail Photo Caption: UL Lafayette students take their senior portraits in front of the Alumni Center gates. (Photo Credit: Yusef Davis) Story Photo 1 Caption: A wedding family portrait inside of the Alumni Center house. (Photo Credit: Catherine Guidry) Story Photo 2 Caption: An engagement session complete with four-legged companions in the Alumni Center gardens. (Photo Credit: Catherine Guidry) Story Photo 3 Caption: Senior photography at the gates of the Alumni Center (Photo Credit: Yusef Davis)