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Chapter Spotlight: Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni

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As we celebrate Memorial Day at the end of the month, the Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter recognizes its members and their connection to the University. Jeremy Myers is the founding president of the Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter and graduated from UL Lafayette in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture. Meyers, 24, is an Army combat veteran currently serving as a captain in the Army Reserve.

The Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter is one of a handful of organizations that aim to connect past alumni with the University. Each chapter comprises varying groups from specific colleges, majors, and even interest groups. "In our case, the Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter is composed of veteran alumni, who share the two connections of being both University of Louisiana at Lafayette alumni and military veterans," said Myers.

Myers and the Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter are currently giving back to veteran alumni serving overseas by organizing and providing care packages to troops. "We are also raising money for student scholarships and hope to award our first veteran student scholarship in either the fall or the spring," said Myers.

Myers and the chapter take pride in aiding their alumni any way they can. The Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter is here to provide all the needed resources for their members, especially knowing that many veterans face challenges in their academic success. "As veteran alumni, we are a valuable source of mentors who can simultaneously relate to student veterans' past experiences while providing them insight and guidance on their future career paths," said Myers.

As a student veteran himself, Myers sees this chapter as an opportunity to help others face and overcome the same challenges he once overcame. As part of the Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter, Myers said the organization also provides similar experiences and comradery he once shared with his brothers and sisters in combat. "In the military, we depended on each other and put our lives in each other's hands on a daily basis," said Myers. "There is no reason that should stop after we separate from the service."

It is important to remember those who have made sacrifices for our country every year, including our veteran alumni. On Monday, May 31, Memorial Day will once again observe and honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

If you currently serve or have served in the military and have not yet filled out our Military Service Inquiry form, please do so at

Photo Caption: Members of the Ragin' Cajun Veterans Alumni Chapter attend a 9/11 memorial service on campus. (Photo Credit: John Claude Arceneaux / UL Lafayette Alumni Association)