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Graduate School offers variety of degree programs for alumni returning to school

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Graduate School offers a wide range of opportunities for alumni looking to create a better future for themselves. Since the fall of 1957, UL Lafayette's Graduate School has stood as an institution for growth and knowledge. And now, over 60 years later, the program continues to reach heights for students and faculty.

Dr. Mary Farmer-Kaiser serves as the dean for the University's Graduate School and said that she and the school have seen an increase in interest in the program over the last five years. "Not just in terms of the number of graduate students but in the programs we offer as well," said Farmer-Kaiser.

UL Lafayette's Graduate School now has 29 total master's programs and 11 doctoral degree programs, all aimed with the same goal in mind for the University: strive to create an environment that promotes scientific inquiry and stimulates the creative process. The Graduate School offers a substantial variety of degree programs to prepare the next generation of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and leaders in both the private and public sectors. Enrolling in graduate school is also a straightforward process.

The Graduate School is continuing to add new programs to its curriculum list as well. This constant expansion gives more options for students to further their education. "We also added more online delivery for our graduate program," said Farmer-Kaiser.

With so many programs offered at the University, Farmer-Kaiser said one of the most exciting parts of Graduate School right now is preparing students for career diversity. "They are looking for an education, a training, an introduction into a career that can take them in a lot of different directions," said Farmer-Kaiser. "We have to prepare students to go into industry, into government positions that specialize knowledge and research skills that you come out of a graduate degree with," said Farmer-Kaiser.

Not only are students learning the content relevant to their area of concentration, but Farmer-Kaiser said they are also gaining real-world experience in their field and preparing them for their future. "You're learning and looking at [your] field and how it's [changing] over time," said Farmer-Kaiser.

UL Lafayette's Graduate School is an excellent option for alumni because it is very accessible for those that work full-time. The faculty in all of the programs offered are there to help and support students to succeed in their studies. "You get this access to this faculty who are invested in you in this beautiful way," said Farmer-Kaiser. If you're interested in learning more about the Graduate School, you can visit their website to learn about how you can further your education at UL Lafayette.

Photo Caption: Dr. Mary Farmer-Kaiser, Dean of the Graduate School