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Thankful to be a Ragin' Cajun

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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the month of November is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you are thankful for. Whether it’s food, family, or your grandma’s famous pecan pie, there are so many reasons to give thanks this year. One of them being that you are a member of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette family. Being a Ragin’ Cajun means something special. It means that you are connected to a legacy of success that stems from the roots of Cypress Lake. It means that you are a part of one of the greatest collegiate communities. Being a Ragin’ Cajun is an honor, and here are three reasons why we’re thankful to be Ragin’ Cajuns.

The Campus

There aren’t many campuses that are as beautiful as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. With its array of oak trees and classic red brick buildings, our campus shines amongst others. Let’s not forget some of its other major landmarks such as the Quad, the UL Lafayette Student Union, or the five flights of stairs in Griffin Hall. Whether you spent most of your time as a student in the library or in the classroom, there’s no question that our campus has a certain charisma that makes it unique. Most importantly, our campus has a piece of every graduate engraved into its bricks in the Walk of Honor. So, no matter how far or wide you may travel, our Ragin’ Cajuns will always be a part of campus.

The Community

Just like our campus, the community that makes up the Ragin’ Cajun nation is extraordinary. We’re a diverse group of people who support and care for each other, while also welcoming others into our family. There is no better feeling than being in Cajun Field while the entire Ragin’ Cajun nation sings the fight song together, ending with a loud “Geaux UL.” The best part is that our community is nationwide! Our Ragin’ Cajun Clubs and Alumni Chapters are located across the country. This makes staying connected, getting involved, and meeting new Ragin’ Cajuns easier than ever before.

The Culture

Culture can sometimes be a hard word to describe. But for the Ragin’ Cajun community, it’s a piece of cake (or boudin). Our culture comes from our heritage which has led to countless festivals, performances, and museums showing off our Cajun culture. Our culture comes from our food. There is nothing better than a warm bowl of gumbo on a chilly fall day in Louisiana. But most importantly, our culture comes from our people who continuously exhibit Ragin’ Cajun hospitality every single day. And for that, we are thankful.