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Alumni Association FAQs

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What is the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the connections between alumni and their alma mater.

Who is a member of the Alumni Association?

Anyone with an undergraduate or graduate degree is a member of the Alumni Association.

Are dues required to be a member of the Alumni Association?

As of January of 2017, the Alumni Association no longer requires alumni to pay membership dues. This decision was made in an effort to remove barriers and encourage all alumni to participate in association programming. However, the Alumni Association still relies on annual gifts to the Loyalty Fund to provide engagement and networking opportunities for alumni. 

What is the benefit of all graduates being members?

With our previous membership model, the Alumni Association only communicated to those alumni and friends who donated to the Alumni Loyalty Fund. This meant we were communicating with approximately 3,000 alumni. With more than 100,000 alumni, not having a paid dues membership model ensures we are helping to connect, engage and inspire each one. We are excited about the opportunity to meet more of your needs and increase our global network of alumni.

I haven’t received my monthly renewal.

Since membership dues are no longer required, monthly renewals are not being mailed. However, you may receive solicitations for the Alumni Loyalty Fund throughout the year through mail, email or a call during a phonathon.

I gave $40/$60 before. Why should I give $100 or more now?

Asking for a higher gift amount reflects the increase in our number of alumni and opportunities to strengthen the alumni relationship with the University. As the alumni network grows larger, the Alumni Association is committed to developing opportunities to make your network stronger. The Association will be partnering with every college and unit to develop meaningful engagement and professional networking opportunities on and off campus. However the Alumni Association welcomes and appreciates gifts at any amount.

I already gave to the Alumni Loyalty Fund this year. Why am I being asked again?

The Alumni Association has moved from a calendar year solicitation schedule to a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) schedule to align with the University’s fiscal year. Once you make an Alumni Loyalty Fund gift during the current fiscal year, you will not be asked to make another Alumni Loyalty Fund gift this fiscal year. However, you may also be asked to support other areas of the University including your college.

Is the Alumni Loyalty Fund the same as the Annual Fund?

Many years ago, the Alumni Loyalty Fund was called the Annual Fund. To differentiate support between the Alumni Association and the University’s greatest needs, the Annual Fund was renamed the Alumni Loyalty Fund. The University Annual Fund was established to address the greatest needs of the University community.

What is the difference between the Alumni Loyalty Fund and the University Annual Fund?

The Alumni Loyalty Fund supports alumni networking and engagement activities.

The University Annual Fund supports the greatest needs of the University, career-readiness programming and interdisciplinary sustainability projects through the Campus as a Living Lab initiative.


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