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CEO pays it forward by giving back to University

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The best ideas are usually born from problems that need to be solved. Reggie Dupré decided to turn one of his problems into a nation-wide business.  For over 35 years, Dupré Logistics has served at the forefront of the transportation and logistics industry. Founded in 1980 by President and CEO Reggie Dupré, the company now operates approximately 600 trucks, employs over 1,000 professional drivers, and provides services throughout the entire country. As his company continues to grow, Dupré is committed to providing the highest level of service to his clients and believes in giving back to the institution that shaped him into the person that he is today.

Dupré graduated from the University in 1973 with a degree in business management. Prior to graduation, he purchased a small self-service gas station in Opelousas, Louisiana and established the Cajun Oil Company. As his company began to diversify into the wholesale of gasoline and diesel, they needed to find truck carriers to assist them with their transportation. When the search for a truck carrier that could satisfy their needs was unsuccessful, Dupré decided to create his own. After acquiring a small trucking company and hiring some of the best people he could find, Dupré was ready to tackle the transportation service industry.

As his business began to evolve into a more integrated logistics company, Dupré made the decision to rebrand the business as Dupré Logistics in 2008.

Today, Dupre’ Logistics serves many different market segments around the country. However, chemical and energy distributions have proven to be its largest segments. Since the company has a service-based platform, they have relied heavily on technology to assist them in maintaining one of their biggest goals: safety. “In the area of safety, we’ve become innovators in technology,” said Dupré. The company utilizes predictive analytics to help preserve the safety of their drivers. When it comes to the drivers that he hires, Dupré knows that he has the absolute best. “Our drivers are awesome people,” said Dupré. Recently, one of the company’s drivers was named a Highway Angel after stopping to help a family that was in a car accident in the middle of the highway. Dupré knows that his drivers always go above and beyond, and he is proud that they are changing lives one highway at a time.

As a student at the then University of Southwestern Louisiana, Dupré was heavily involved with athletics. He was a member of the football team and credits this experience to his success today. “I learned that a team can do more than an individual can do and how every team member is important,” said Dupré. He also had some influential teachers that really left an impact on him, such as his accounting professor, Dr. Blanchard. “Accounting is the language of businesses,” said Dupré. The knowledge that he learned in his accounting class really prepared him to understand the business world. Overall, Dupré knows that his time at USL was instrumental to his success in life and is now determined to pay that success forward to his alma mater.

Philanthropy has always been an important part of Dupré’s life, especially in the area of education. “Education is where we’ve found ourselves more inclined to give because that is where are heart is,” said Dupré. As an avid Ragin’ Cajun fan and alumnus of the University, Dupré believes in trying to create an environment where more people can have access to the same great education that he received from USL in 1973. “We started giving back to the University because the University has been very important to our family,” said Dupré. Not only did he and his wife graduate from the institution, but one of his daughters did as well. As Dupré continues his philanthropic work, he encourages others to follow in his footsteps. “Giving back really brings life to you,” said Dupré. Just like the drivers in his company, Reggie Dupré has been an angel to the University and his continued support will always be appreciated by the Ragin’ Cajun nation.


Photo: Dupré Logistics Founder & CEO, Reggie Dupré