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Alumni Spotlight: Kristy McShan ‘96

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What is your degree and graduation year?

Bachelor of Science; 1996

Where is your hometown?

Metairie, Louisiana

Where is your current residence?

Broussard, Louisiana

What is your occupation?

Quality Manager

Why did you choose UL Lafayette?

I was interested in pre-veterinary medicine and the school offered it. It also had a nice student size. I didn't feel it was too big. It was also close enough to home to easily drive there but far enough away that my family couldn't visit all the time.

Describe your career since graduating from UL Lafayette.

Once I graduated, I figured that I had plenty of time to get it all together and start a career. I was wrong. I bounced around a little in the restaurant field until I landed a job at the zoo, which I loved. Not even two years after that, I started a family and took some time off before getting back into full time work. I worked in a few laboratories, at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, a cord blood bank, and then came back to Blood Systems in a quality role. It allows me time for my passion of animal rescue and a good home life balance.

What influenced you most while on campus?

Friends influenced me the most while on campus. I met a lot of people from around the world. It was a great experience. I also loved living on campus and having that on campus living experience.

What was your favorite memory as a UL Lafayette student?

My favorite memories as a UL student included Lagniappe Day crawfish boils and the health fair where they had tons of fun activities. I had so many memories with friends as well.

What is the most important thing you learned outside of class?

There is a bigger world than just each of us out there.

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