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Alumni Association launches Lunch & Learn program

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In an effort to expand engagement initiatives to students, The Alumni Association has introduced a “Lunch and Learn” program. The program is a collaborative effort between the Alumni Association and the colleges that put some of the University’s top students in a room with esteemed alumni from the same field students they are currently studying.  The alumni guest speaker is invited to participate in engaging student led conversation over lunch.  The respective college dean, alumni staff and a board representative are also invited.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for alumni with specific expertise to share their experience and journey with students.  This allows alumni a way to give back with their time and knowledge.  In turn, the students gain valuable insight and advice for their own journey from the experience. “I have nothing but respect for Mr. Mathes and enjoyed our conversation with him. As an emerging professional, I gained valuable insight from his perspective on the field of architecture and where he sees it going,” said Kaleb Hebert, who is a graduate student studying architecture. “His experience and continued success throughout his career speaks for itself.”

The program started on September 21, 2017 when Michael Conway ’85, owner of United Talent Agency in Los Angeles, was invited to speak with students. A Lunch and Learn was held again on October 19, this time with Ed Mathes, an architect and chairman of Mathes Brierre Architects.

The next scheduled lunch is in November with the College of Nursing and Allied Health. “Our goal is to engage students and alumni from every college,” said Jennifer LeMeunier ’92, executive director of Alumni Affairs and Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association will hold Lunch and Learns in November, February, April, June and July while rotating through the other colleges throughout the year.

Caption: Alumnus Michael Conway takes a photo with students and University representatives invited to the Lunch and Learn on September 21.