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Ragin' Road Race Winners

Listed below are our 2018 Ragin' Road Race winners. Full race results are posted online by Cajun Timing. Photos from the race can be viewed and downloaded here.

Female Overall Winner

Lidia Alcala

Male Overall Winner

Joshua Falgout

Male 1 to 14

Noah Schmidt

Female 15 to 19

Tayla Weary

Female 20 to 29

Kathleen Boulet

Adelle Meche

Male 20 to 29

Aaron Lemaire

Alex Domingue

Female 30 to 39

Nicole Aucoin

Amanda Landry

Male 30 to 39

Charles Hunter

Cody Myers

Female 40 to 49

Cheryl Prejean

Charlotte Conway

Male 40-49

Stefan Schmidt

Reginald Weary

Female 50 to 59

Miriam Hollier

Phyllis Miller

Male 50 to 59

Robert McKinney

Richard Perkins

Male 60 to 69

Allen Angers

Joe Mitchell

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