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Outstanding Graduate Nomination Form

Each semester during commencement activities, the UL Lafayette Alumni Association honors outstanding graduates from the various colleges of the University and presents the UL Lafayette Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate Award. The recipient is selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship and service. Each dean is asked to select one student from his or her college as the outstanding graduate for the college. You are being considered for this honor. Please provide your dean with the following information so that a decision may be made.

You will receive a print-friendly version of the form via email by the following business day of completion. Please return this completed form and your official transcript to your dean within one week of your selection.

This section should include post high school achievement in the academic arena. Include grade point average and any special scholastic honors received such as dean’s list, academic fraternities or sororities, honor societies or other academically related activities. Please be thorough.
This section addresses those honors and awards other than scholastic. These awards may include awards from any student/campus organization as well as awards from organizations outside the University setting (Who’s Who, community, civic groups, etc.). Please provide the names of groups from which the awards were granted.
This section focuses on the student’s activities outside the academic arena. List memberships in all campus organizations and describe level of involvement (member, officer, board member, etc.). State, regional and national organizations should be listed here.
List any activities and level of involvement in community activities (either Lafayette or home community). Include activities done outside of the University setting, such as time donated to non-profit agencies (United way, American Heart Association, etc.), involvement in religious activities or participation in political organizations (Young Democrats/Young Republicans).
Provide additional information not listed which may be pertinent to the award.
Let us know what you plan to do after graduation (career goals, relocation, graduate degree, etc.)