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If you're a UL Lafayette graduate, you're part of the Ragin' Cajuns family and a member of the Alumni Association. That membership comes with an array of connections and perks. Make sure you keep your contact information current so that you can stay connected.

Many of our alumni and friends contribute to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for a variety of reasons. They believe in life long learning. They believe in the hope of the future, which a quality education provides. So many contributions are made for the betterment of our University. You can help too.

Whether you're attending a University function or showing your pride by wearing red and white, you are the key to the University's progress. You are the past, present, and future of UL Lafayette.

Annual contributions to the Alumni Loyalty Fund allow the UL Lafayette Alumni Association to continue its mission: connecting generous and supportive alumni and friends to create the best educational environment we can provide for our students. While our mission hasn't changed through the years, the cost of maintaining it has. The Alumni Loyalty Fund is your opportunity to make an investment in the future of UL Lafayette.

The Alumni Loyalty Fund is your opportunity to show your pride make an investment in the future of UL Lafayette. By supporting student programs, alumni programs, and academic areas funded by the Alumni Loyalty Fund, you help UL Lafayette continue to be a premier institution of higher learning.

Each year, approximately 4,500 individuals contribute to the Loyalty Fund, just a fraction of the institution's 80,000+ graduates of the institution. On average, UL Lafayette is graduating 3,000 students each year (1,500 people per semester). As our number of graduates continues to grow, we hope those same students who spent their formative years here at the University continue to invest in the institution through the Alumni Association.